Mythic Self Bali
A Journey to Discovery

Coming Spring 2018 (dates to be announced)

Give yourself the remarkable gift of awakening to your true self.

Immerse into the sacred energy of Bali through a mystical journey, and delight in discovery, expression, and pleasure! Rejuvenate your spirit and nourish your soul. Transform and energize your relationship to yourself to allow more heart and joy in your life. Through an empowering blend of Intentional Creativity, painting, storytelling, and sharing in circle, we often gain knowledge into our mythic selves. Join an amazing group of men and women as we play, paint, and use storytelling, while also experiencing the beauty and sacredness of Bali. All of this while opening to your true Self through the possibility of new awareness, insights, and new discoveries!

Imagine you are in beautiful Bali, and have just opened your eyes from a deeply restful sleep.  As you awaken, you hear the exotic sounds of the tropical surroundings, and smell the sweet aromas from the earth and rice fields.  This fills you with a sense of serenity.  You rise to enjoy a delicious, nourishing green drink crafted with sweet local tropical fruits.  You move peacefully into a sunrise yoga practice, followed by  a delicious breakfast made from fresh local foods.  From here – you excitingly join a loving circle of people engaged in creativity and storytelling allowing a sense of inspiration to arise. In your afternoon you settle into the spaciousness of quiet, relax, meditation and a dip in the velvety smooth ozone pool, or perhaps you choose connecting and playfulness with your new found friends. As night descends, a festive evening begins and you delight in the ceremony, dance and kirtan activities of the rich Balinese culture before the peaceful reconnection of the dreamworld returns. Mmmmm – the delights of the magical island of Bali.

Mythic Self Bali ~
A journey to discovery

Are you someone who enjoys…

  • Intentional transformation
  • Exploring ancient and sacred traditions
  • Creative expression through painting and storytelling ~ all of this with no previous experience necessary
  • Being of healthy mind, body, and spirit
  • Delicious nourishment throughout the day
  • Group activities and creating shared experiences with others
  • Practicing yoga
  • International travel and rich cultural exploration
  • Jungles and lush gardens
  • Warm tropical climates

If so, this retreat is for YOU!

This retreat is not for persons uncomfortable with international travel, children under the ages of 16, or for those interested in a beach Bali vacation. Our retreat will be held close to the culturally rich town of Ubud.  Persons with mobility challenges are invited to contact us for more information.

Included in your Mythic Self Bali retreat:

  • Six nights accommodations at the Naya Ubud boutique-style retreat center (standard room with double occupancy; other options available for additional costs)
  • Shuttle transfer to and from the Bali Denpasar airport, on the first and final day of the retreat
  • Daily, fresh vegetarian and or non-vegetarian meals (includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner)
  • A daily vibrant green drink and fresh coconut
  • 60-minute blissful Balinese massage
  • Painting Process using Intentional Creativity practices (locally-sourced canvases and easels to be provided, and following the retreat, easels will be donated in Ubud)
  • Storytelling sessions
  • Bali offerings class
  • Daily yoga sessions
  • Balinese dance performance
  • Kirtan concert
  • Outside excursion to TIRTA EMPUL – The Holy Water Temple
  • Ozone pool

Airfare, Airport Taxes, Visa, Travelers Insurance, and gratuities are excluded

Investment in your Mythic Self:

Details coming soon!

We’ve thoughtfully designed a mystical retreat with you in our hearts and minds, blending the creative expression of painting and storytelling…

UMA JOY is a certified Color of Woman Teacher, Intentional Creativity Coach, Chiropractor, and has enjoyed a lifelong commitment to supporting others to create and live the life they want. She practices a life of “Choosing Love First” and finding Joy in each moment.

OLIVIA MARIE OSO is a certified Color of Woman Teacher and Intentional Creativity Coach. Her soul work is to empower others to discover their inherent “gifts” and reclaim their authentic Voice and creative Heart. Olivia Marie embraces the Creative life through painting, dance, ritual and ceremony. Her Heart aligns with indigenous teachings of the earth “May Love be at the center of all choices”.

JENNIFER BOWERS is a certified Color of Woman
Teacher and Intentional Creativity Coach, aromatherapist, and holistic health coach, who is passionate about self-expression and sharing the practice of self-care. She loves to play and celebrate life as a sensuous being!

CICI WOO is a scientist, storyteller and startup advisor. Cici believes in the power of storytelling to help people connect with themselves and those around them. Cici is the creator and host of Chew On This Storytelling, the first storytelling series in Virtual Reality, presented by AltSpaceVR. She interviews guests for their insights on the creative and entrepreneurial journey.

Please enjoy these photographs of Bali, captured by “Mythic Self Bali Teacher” Olivia, illustrating the beauty and sacredness of this magical place, known as “the Island of the Gods.”

Investment in your Mythic Self:

Details coming soon!

I’m ready to give myself the gift of awakening to my true self.